A literary analysis of all quiet on the westeren front by erich maria remarque

However, an in-depth analysis of his work All Quiet on the Western Front would By Erich Maria Remarque While All Quiet on the Western Front may help us understand the effects of the Great War on Germany, it is as an account of trench warfare and a simple story of human endurance. It is understandably one of the most famous of war novel.

A literary analysis of all quiet on the westeren front by erich maria remarque

WW1 bore some of the first advanced weaponry because of the allies necessity for greater protection from the enemies. That was a huge leap into what was to come in later wars as this artillery began to evolve into the complex ordnance of today. So much new weaponry was being developed and it was the Germans, who are the main focus in the book, who were ahead in developing tactics and technology for war.

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Besides the depiction of the weaponry produced in WW1, the author also elucidates the fact that the Germans were not as bad as history has read them to be. The history books of America oppose any ideas of Germans being virtuous at all in WW1, but the author lays open the notion that the Germans were feeling just as broken down and despaired about the war as our soldiers were.

A new light is shed on the thoughts that the Allies had about the Central Powers when reading this book. In doing this the author effectively helps the reader to see both sides of the story. World War Two was the sixth deadliest war in human history and that was clearly shown throughout the book as the author portrayed the battle field as a bloody mess of death and people dying everywhere with bodies in so many places.

Paul, the protagonist of the story, was constantly in a situation where people were dying near or around him.

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How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The new weapons of WW1 made the casualties of war rise. The most prominent weapons when first produced in the war was chlorine, mustard and phosgene gases. These gases were used in the book a lot more than in WW1 because in the war they soon proved to not be as effective as other artillery.

There are many instances in the book that Paul has to steer clear of the gas or put on his gas mask. The gas took a lot of lives in the book even with the masks and that is how it was in the war before the development of the masks.

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Even though the soldiers were in constant threat by the munition of war and the opposing troops, the Germans soldiers were still able to bond with each other like family and make the best of heir situation. The author did a fine job at introducing the reader to the weapons being produced and used in WW1 and also telling the story in such a way that makes the German soldiers not seem like such bad guys after all.

A literary analysis of all quiet on the westeren front by erich maria remarque

They were just doing what they were told because it was all they knew to do. WW1 was a huge war and Remarque was very effective at portraying it as such with the depiction of the new weaponry, the inconceivable amount of death, and the thoughts and sorrows of the German soldiers.Erich Maria Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front () and Clint Eastwood's film Flags of our Fathers ().

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A literary analysis of all quiet on the westeren front by erich maria remarque

All Quiet On the Western Front By: Erich Maria Character Analysis Paul Intro During World War I many soldiers had to mature in the war to survive; soldiers like Paul in Erich Maria's classic All Quiet on the Western Front.

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque (Book Analysis) Detailed Summary, Analysis and Reading Guide 28 EBook Plurilingua Publishing This practical and insightful reading guide offers a complete summary and analysis of All Quiet on .

5 days ago · The Road Back by Erich Maria Remarque DeDeNoel: Also by Remarque, The Road Back is often considered a sequel to All lausannecongress2018.com has some of the same characters and alludes to others/5(). By Erich Maria Remarque The book I chose to read was All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque.

The story told in All Quiet on the Western Front occurs during the two years just before the Armistice ended World War I in November Literary Analysis - All Quiet on the Western Front Summary: A descriptive essay about how the war changes the character of Paul Baumer in "All Quiet On The Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque.

The protagonist, Paul Baumer is a young man who enlists in the German Army of World War One.

All Quiet on the Western Front