An analysis of banks and other non bank financial institutions on the important effect on the perfor

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An analysis of banks and other non bank financial institutions on the important effect on the perfor

Import into RefWorks 1. Introduction Financial analysis is structural and logical way to present overall financial performance of a financial institution.

An Analysis of the Financial Performance of National Bank Limited Using Financial Ratio

In financial analysis process ratio analysis is the most dominant and logical structure to help business related stakeholder. Under the financial ratio analysis process there are few categories to identical area of financial institution.

So business stakeholders try to concentrate to get overall business overview from profitability, liquidity, assets management and solvency ratio analysis. These ratios not only help to decision making process also emphasized on risk avoiding and profit raising related factors.

To calculate this ratio need to take quantitative data from bank trading activity and other sources. Ratio analysis is based on line items in financial statements like the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement; the ratios of one item — or a combination of items - to another item or combination are then calculated.

The trend of these ratios over time is studied to check whether they are improving or deteriorating. Ratios are also compared across different companies in the same sector to see how they stack up, and to get an idea of comparative valuations.

Ratio analysis is a cornerstone of fundamental analysis Investopedia. This study evaluates bank performance for the period using financial ratio analysis hereafter FRA.

Financial ratio analysis has wide range advantage to show the bank financial position compare to past year performance.

To analyse the ratio I am take data from National Bank Limited annual report. It was named after a statistician who called himself Student but whose real name was William Gossett.

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As an employee of Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, he tackled a number of practical statistical problems related to the operation of the brewery.

Since he was discouraged from publishing under his own name, he adopted the Student moniker.

An analysis of banks and other non bank financial institutions on the important effect on the perfor

Data of this study collected from secondary source in annual report of National bank ltd. This data research helps to evaluate the overall bank financial position.

To evaluate data make descriptive statistical analysis these contain Mean, Standard deviation, Minimum, Maximum. From this descriptive statistics we analyse the financial performance of National Bank.

This bank financial ratio enable us to identify unique bank strengths and weaknesses achieve over the six year period, which in itself inform bank profitability, liquidity and credit quality.

Statement of the Problem The era of globalization modern free market economy introduce a window of banking acidity that has huge impact on any countries trade and overall development.

To complete the process of banking or trading financial intermediaries and institution act like as safe gateway between two sides. As an institution, bank has been contributing towards the development of any economy for a long time and at the moment it is treated as an important banking industry in modern world.

Now days the functioning area of bank not limited within same geographical limit of any country. Therefore bank has to manage large volume transaction.

Industry related stakeholder need to know about the financial performance of the bank.

An analysis of banks and other non bank financial institutions on the important effect on the perfor

To analyse financial performance ratio analysis is the most logical way to show the bank financial position. So this study has conduct to expose restriction of the function area and process of Financial performance through ratio analysis of National bank limited by comparing banks past year balance sheet, Income statement and cash flow by generating ratio that conduct how much financial stability can be achieve.

By establishing a close relationship between the variables, a firm can analyze its financial performance in terms of liquidity, profitability and viability M. Purpose of the Study The objectives of the study are outlined below: Profitability Performance The most common measure of bank performance is profitability.

Generally, accounting profits are the difference between revenues and costs. Profitability is considered to be the most difficult attributes of a firm to conceptualize and to measure Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe These ratios are used to assess the ability of the business to generate earnings in comparison with its all expenses and other relevant costs during a specific time period.

Profitability ratios are generally considered to be the basic bank financial ratio in order to evaluate how well bank is performing in terms of profit. Study applies these criteria to judge the profitability of the National banks Limited.

Profitability is measured using the following criteria: This ratio indicates how much net income is generated per TK of assets. Return on assets indicates the profitability on the assets of the Bank after all expenses and taxes Van Horne It is a common measure of managerial performance Ross, Westerfield, Jaffe It measures how much the firm is earning after tax for each Taka invested in the assets of the firm.

Generally, a higher ratio means better managerial performance and efficient utilization of the assets of the firm and lower ratio is the indicator of inefficient use of assets. So bank maintain higher ROA will make more the profit.Fundamentals of Bank Financial Statement Analysis.

Fundamentals of Bank Financial Statement Analysis This course is designed for analysts who have limited or no experience in the analysis of financial statements for financial institutions. Intensive Bank Analysis, Emerging Market Bank Analysis and Non-Bank Financial Institutions.

. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF BANKING INSTITUTIONS by K. Selvavinayagam non-public banks, offer of narrow range of financial services (for example, they do For the purpose of a bank's financial analysis, it is important to use a. Compendium II of Copyright Office Practices.

This site reproduces the United States Copyright Office's "Compendium II of Copyright Office Practices." The site is. In this article, you'll get an overview of how to analyze a bank's financial statements and the key areas of focus for investors who are looking to invest in bank stocks.

How Does Ownership Affect Bank Performance?-The Case Of Indian Commercial Banks bank performance; commercial banks; d ata envelopment analysis; other financial institutions (Kumbhakar.

EFFECT OF MOBILE BANKING ON THE FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF BANKING INSTITUTIONS IN KENYA The growing investment in mobile technology and bank financial This study focused on mobile banking technology in relation to its effect on commercial banks’ financial performance indicators namely: Return on Assets (ROA) .

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