Business plans made easy mark hendricks

I want to glorify God through Doctor of Ministry DMin Provides advanced training in biblically and theologically oriented ministry to those involved in vocational ministry also in Spanish.

Business plans made easy mark hendricks

The Ultimate Success Program is a step by step personal development series of life lessons that assure success to those that implement them into their lives. In this lesson you will discover: I have been a customer, a client, and a student of Mark's for many years now.

He has always offered up what you should do for your on and offline businesses. And makes no bones about including what you should not do, as well. I was one of the original privileged to be part of the 'Ultimate Success Program' when Mark taught it for the first time.

Every session of the program moves you a bit closer to the mindset you need to have to succeed, not only in business, but also in your life.

business plans made easy mark hendricks

And I particularly appreciate the way Mark gives dramatic examples of the things he teaches. As in this Chapter, Mark makes it clear through example that simply setting a goal is not enough to get you there without a definite plan for achieving that goal.

I took the full Ultimate Success Program when Mark Hendricks originally taught it live, so I've been through all the lessons, including this one.

USP is one of the best resources on self development I've ever seen. Rather than just try to teach his personal viewpoint as "the way" like many self development authors doMark has gone back through history to extract teachings from some of the best authors, thinkers, and philosophers who have ever lived and shares those ideas along with his own insights into a program that is easy to follow and understand.

I would recommend going through the entire program or any part of it. This book would be a great introduction for those who are not familiar with his work. I have a great respect for Mark, his instruction and coaching. I've attended his seminars since and my business has prospered with his guidance.


Mark is genuinely concerned for the individual, the life choices one makes along the way and the disciplines one develops to produce consistency. He teaches and demonstrates this in his personal life.

Anyone who is looking for direction in their business and in their life would do well to read this and followup with Mark. Mark is one of the few you'll find who looks at success, not just as a dollar amount in your bank account, but at life overall. He's a rare find in this day and age.

I would encourage you to pick up this book today and take it to heart - then follow up with Mark about your goals and plans.

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business plans made easy mark hendricks
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