Character analysis of cassandra in the odyssey a poem by homer

Rebecca Toogood Glossary Below is a link which defines key words that appear frequently in Board of Studies syllabuses, performance descriptions and examinations. Homer focuses on Achilles and the wrath of Achilles in the Iliad. On his return home from Troy, he was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus; his murder was avenged by his son Orestes and daughter Electra. Ajax - Ajax was one of the suitors of Helen and so was one of the members of the Greek force against Troy in the Trojan War.

Character analysis of cassandra in the odyssey a poem by homer

Character analysis of cassandra in the odyssey a poem by homer

The present form of the name does not appear before the middle Byzantine period. According to the myth, Zeus appeared to Leda in the form of a swan, seducing and impregnating her.

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Leda produced four offspring from two eggs: Castor and Clytemnestra from one egg, and Helen and Polydeuces Pollux from the other.

Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus were in exile at the home of Tyndareus; in due time Agamemnon married Clytemnestra and Menelaus married Helen. In another version, her first husband was King of Lydia. Greek forces gathered at Aulis. However, consistently weak winds prevented the fleet from sailing.

Through a subplot involving the gods and omens, the priest Calchas said the winds would be favorable if Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to the goddess Artemis. Agamemnon persuaded Clytemnestra to send Iphigenia to him, telling her he was going to marry her to Achilles. When Iphigenia arrived at Aulis, she was sacrificed, the winds turned, and the troops set sail for Troy.

The Trojan War lasted ten years. Whether Clytemnestra was seduced into the affair or entered into it independently differs according to the respective author of the myth. In some later versions Clytemnestra helps him or does the killing herself in his own home.

The best-known version is that of Aeschylus: Agamemnon, having arrived at his palace with his concubine, the Trojan princess Cassandrain tow and being greeted by his wife, entered the palace for a banquet while Cassandra remained in the chariot. Clytemnestra waited until he was in the bath, and then entangled him in a cloth net and stabbed him.

Trapped in the web, Agamemnon could neither escape nor resist his murderer. Meanwhile, Cassandra saw a vision of herself and Agamemnon being murdered. Her attempts to elicit help failed she had been cursed by Apollo that no one would believe her prophecies.

She realized she was fated to die, and resolutely walked into the palace to receive her death. After the murders, Aegisthus replaced Agamemnon as king and ruled for seven years with Clytemnestra as his queen.

In some traditions they have three children: Clytemnestra was eventually killed by her son by Agamemnon, Orestes. The infant Helen was also killed. Aletes and Erigone grow up at Mycenae, but when Aletes comes of age, Orestes returns from Sparta, kills his half-brother, and takes the throne.

Orestes and Erigone are said to have had a son, Penthilus. She murders Agamemnon in the first play, and is murdered herself in the second. Her death then leads to the trial of Orestes by a jury composed of Athena and 10 Athenians in the final play.

The fictional protagonist Becky Sharp plays Clytemnestra in a charade described in chapter 51 of William M. The American modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham created a two-hour ballet, Clytemnestraabout the queen.

The story has also been adapted into an opera; Cromwell Everson a South African composer wrote the first Afrikaans operaKlutaimnestra, in A summary of Books 19–20 in Homer's The Odyssey. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Odyssey and what it means.

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The Odyssey Novel Study Unit Character Analysis - Epic Hero See more. Examples of famous epics include The Illiad, The Odyssey, and the Epic of . Summary Eldest of the sisters, Medusa alone stood the guardian of the Eastern gates of Sicani by the lapping sea. Euryale guarded the western gate with brazen hands and .

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Here is the complete text of the novel with more than 1. The Trojan Women (Ancient Greek: Cassandra, who can see the future, is morbidly delighted by this news: the audience knows from Telemachus' visit to Sparta in Homer's Odyssey that Menelaus continued to live Place premiered: Athens.

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