Employee relations hnd 2013 assignment 1 essay

The planning is made by the top level of the organization and executed by the middle level of the organization under observation of the top level managers Batt and Nohara, The lower level employees perform day by day operations to achieve the objectives of the firm.

Employee relations hnd 2013 assignment 1 essay

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It increases their efficiency with an extra advantage of increasing their effectiveness towards what they are functioning. Development, on the other hand, implies opportunities that get crafted for the growth of an employee.

Job and workplace design Reward management Extrinsic rewards: Intrinsic rewards are the non-physical rewards which get proffered emotionally towards the employees. That is, these are the praise letters or motivational quotes received by an employee on completion of a successful project.

The link between motivational theory and reward: It can be financial and non-financial. For the former, the organization would be making payment because of their performance whereas for the latter, non-financial, praising enhances the employee performance.

In this company rewarding remains one of the prime motivator where each employees get reward for attaining accomplishment of their projects Yang et al.

The flexible organisation The diverse types of flexibility are: It allows an organization in terms of quick response to the environmental alterations of employed employees. Structural Flexibility Functional Flexibility: Quickly employees can get re-deployment to newer activities and tasks.

Models of flexible organisations e. The second leaf is the contractual fringe since non-central activities would get contracted to those firms such as Kingfisher Airline which specializes in effective communication Aniset al. The third leaf is the flexible workforce that would be made up of seasonal, temporary and part time workers.

The figure has been provided below: Atkinson Flexibility Model Performance and reward Performance management and methods used to monitor employee performance: Methods used for monitoring employee performances are provided below Davidson et al.

Monitoring of employee performance Asking employees about making use of tools which are meant for self-monitoring so as to keep a track of whatever they are doing Regularly checking what the employees are performing and how they are attaining their regular task Keeping an eye on what they are performing by tracking a record from their previous performance as well as becoming aware about the various means using which they are functioning Types of payment and reward system Intrinsic vs.

Intrinsic reward explains the satisfaction which an employee is getting after completion of a task is termed as intrinsic reward whereas extrinsic is the fringe, money and promotional benefits AlBattat,p.

As name implies financial reward is rewarding with money whereas non-financial potentially are at the disposal of any organization. Non-financial rewards infact motivates the employee in getting more attracted towards their performance and functioning.

LO3 Analyse internal and external factors that affect Human Resource Management decision-making, including employment legislation Employee relations: It is a manner with which the management interacts and addresses each employee.

Maintaining a better relationship will be reducing any kind of workplace conflicts along with some more advantages such as raising staff morale and increment of the entire organization productivity He et al.

Employee relations hnd 2013 assignment 1 essay

At Kingfisher, the different ways that get used for improvement of such has been mentioned below: Maintaining a proper hierarchy, the management makes sure that all the employees are having access to every level so that they can feel their priority of service as well as their importance within the organization.

For decrement of employee turnover, the company have adopted certain roles in terms of staff career development. For making each and every employee feel special, importantly the company is needed to share the plan of the company with their every staff.

Strategies for building and improving employee relations and engagement: Using a survey that acts rightly for assessing employee engagement Focussing on the employee engagement at the organizational and local levels Selection of the right managers Coaching of managers and additionally holding them accountable for the purpose of employee engagement Defining engagement goals in everyday terms Employee relations and the law: The purpose of employment law: Apparently employment law got into effect when industrialization was spreaded all over the world.

Infact, this very term bring about a lot of change to a nation Govaertset al. Fair Hours and Wages: The employment law got implemented for the purpose of correcting conditions of hours and wages of an employee.Employee motivation on | Topic: Employee motivation My name is Maria Wachtel, I am 34 years old and have been working as a supervisor since in ambulant Topic: Employee motivation My name is Maria Wachtel, I am 34 years old and have been working as a supervisor since .

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