Evils of terrorism

I bow to the Buddha in our brother, Osama bin Laden.

Evils of terrorism

Literally, you can be arrested and detained indefinitely for any reason now. You have no legal right to an attorney to represent you. You have no legal right to a fair trial. You won't ever appear in court.

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Homeland Security can just shoot you in the head and you'll never be seen again. There's nothing that you nor your family can do. This is beyond evil!! It's unimaginable in this once free and great nation, that criminal tyrants have hi-jacked our government and are now imposing martial Law on American citizens.

It's humans declaring war on humans. All hell is about to be unleashed in the United States—society is morally bankrupt a toxic cesspool of iniquitythe dollar is being totally devalued, jobs are gone to foreign labor, our economy is about to implode The military are going to be used to police citizens.

You need to study history, about Communist regimes and what happened to society.

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The Truth About Communism a 2 hour documentary Learn about the millions of innocent people they murdered. These videos are graphic, showing people being shot dead by firing squads for simply wanting to be free, mass graves filled with bodies, the same exact political tactics and brainwashing of young people as we see today in America.

It not only can happen in America The following video series is narrated by of all people Ronald Reagan long before he became U. Reagan was recognized as a champion against Communism. Although these videos are the best documentaries available exposing the evils of Communism, at some point Reagan sold-out to the criminal elite just as the once fundamentalist Billy Graham sold out to Roman Catholicism and apostasy.

Rice actually said decades ago that he thought Billy Graham would become the next Billy Sunday. Likewise, Reagan sold his soul to the Devil for fame, pleasures and fortune. The following video below is the same as above, but is divided into a series.

I am giving you both links just in case one is ever removed DynCorp evidences the level of depravity in our government.

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These people are monsters! Even more bizarre is that George Bush Sr. Truth is stranger than fiction. Reagan was not what he appeared to be. Reagan became a loyal puppet of the globalists. As governor of California, Reagan legalized astrology. Nancy Reagan, his wife, practiced astrology and contacted an astrologer upon the advice of her friend Merv Griffin when President Reagan was shot.

Everything is moving incrementally, step-by-step, much faster than the criminal globalist elite could have envisioned.

Evils of terrorism

After decades of pumping immoral television, heathen music, pornography, wicked laws, feminist engineering and worldly philosophies into the minds of impressionable youthTerrorism is usually aimed at an audience, which was implied with terrorist expert Brian Jenkins’ statement in , “Terrorism is theater.” In the United States, the word “ terrorism ” is most often used hand-in-hand with the events of September 11, , but it is no new aspect.

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Terrorism must be combated on many different levels—by law enforcement, military action, intelligence, financial controls, new technologies, airport security. But far from being an impediment to a terror–free world, as they have so often been portrayed in the past two years, human rights are in truth a benefactor of it.

Preventing terrorism often requires a choice of evils: to target terrorists and their leaders, knowing civilians will be killed; to collect massive amounts of . The signs are everywhere – a message of defiance truncated into a three word sound bite.

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Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law!