Fiction editing services

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Fiction editing services

And if you change one area, how do you remind yourself to re-check those other areas that you already looked at? You probably look at big-picture issues first and work toward the fine details. That makes sense since changes in big-picture items will change a lot of the fine details. Changes in any area, but especially in large-picture or story-wide issues, will necessitate change throughout the manuscript.

Be ready to evaluate the manuscript again after making large-picture changes. Make sure changes—both items added in and items taken out—are carried through the story. Do what works for you and your organizational patterns and for your writers and their projects.

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Know the items fiction editing services look for and know how to address problem areas. Think ahead—anticipate how changes in one element or scene or plot thread will change elements and scenes and plot threads later in the story.

And remember that you may have to work backwards. Allow yourself to think beyond one-step fixes—you may need to layer your corrections in order to fix or change a problem area.

A weak character may need a new personality quirk, may need to lose part of his history, and may need a different character for his best friend. Be bold in your prescriptions.

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Many will be the same kinds of areas writers consider as they create. Editors and writers who self-edit will check for fascinating characters and plots as well. Writers are often concerned with the story in their heads and with getting that story to the page.

You may have your specialties, as most people do in the tasks that they perform often. But no one wants to overlook other important elements simply because they focus on certain other elements.

Perhaps you tend to focus on the big picture and story-wide issues. You may find that you take every area mentioned here into account each time you edit. Or, you may find that some areas are not those you think an editor should be concerned with. Yet, as I said, there may be overlap.


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Fiction editors, whether freelance fiction editors or employees of fiction editing services, can help you keep your style and tone consistent.

fiction editing services

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fiction editing services

About becoming a successful author? I believe anyone can write a terrific book if provided with the right instruction, along with a .

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