Force or whit essay

If the event were described in a novel about the experiences of a small-town doctor, it might be merely an example of one such encounter among many others. The use of force is a legal concept, a principle that allows authorities to exercise physical force against another person if such force is deemed justifiable to protect the individual or to protect society from the individual.

Force or whit essay

Force is that factor which is necessary to change the position and state of a body.


Laws of motion give the clear picture of force in following manner: Therefore, we can say that a force is push or a pull. According to Newton, a force is something that has the ability to accelerate an object.

Remember, acceleration is not just limited to speeding up. It also includes starting, stopping, slowing down, and changing direction. Therefore, a force is something that causes an object to start, stop, speed up, slow down, or change direction.

The unit of measurement for force is the Newton N. Some important factors to consider when describing a force- are the magnitude of the force, the point of application, and the direction that force is being applied. We are able to represent force mathematically by using a vector.

A vector is a mathematical representation of anything that is defined by its size and its direction. On paper a vector is represented as an arrow.

The length of the arrow represents the magnitude of the force, the shaft of the arrow represents the line of application of the force, and the arrowhead indicates its direction along the line of application. Forces may be classified in to the following forms: External forces are forces that act on an object as a result of its interaction with the environment surrounding it.

External forces can be either contact or non-contact forces. Gravity is the only non-contact force. Internal forces are forces that act within the body. Bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other tissues exert forces on one another.

Friction acts between two surfaces of solid objects or rigid bodies in contact and acts parallel to the contact surfaces.

Friction force is proportional to the normal contact force. As the normal contact force is increased, the friction force is also proportionately greater. If two parallel forces are applied on bodies their combination may be obtain by adding if both are in same direction or subtracting them if both are in opposite directions.

If two non-parallel forces applied on a body, their combination will be the resultant, a line joining head of the force opposite to the body, to the tail of the force towards the body.desired in months).

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Force or whit essay

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Whether it be physical force, persuasion, or coercion; they must use discretion when deciding what course of action best suits the situation.

They must /5(10). Keywords: use of force essay, police deadly force There have been several issues concerning the policies that underline the use of force within the field of law enforcement.

Favorable opinions, negative objections, and indecisive feelings about the use of force have varied throughout the public as well as within the criminal justice system when it comes to this policy. Force Or Whit Essay by PaperNerd Contributor, High School, 12th grade, November download word file, 4 pages download word file, 4 pages 0 votes.

Source: David Kelly, Critical Essay on "The Use of Force," in Short Stories for Students, Gale, Cengage Learning, William Baker In the following article, Baker analyzes common interpretations of "The Use of Force" and presents his own view of the story's primary conflicts.

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