Importexport operation essay

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Importexport operation essay

Analytical Application Analytical Application: However, its recent joint venture with a Brazilian firm has also been successful. Under this arrangement, a Brazilian firm produces other toys for NTG; these toys are then delivered to that distributor.

NTG intentionally started its international business by exporting because it was easier and cheaper to export than to Importexport operation essay a place of business in Brazil.

This firm would also produce the other toys that it now sells, so it would no longer have to rely on another Brazilian firm through the joint venture to produce those toys.

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Given the information provided here, what are the advantages to NTG of establishing the firm in Brazil? Given the information provided here, what are the disadvantages to NTG of establishing the firm in Brazil?

Write a paper to answer the above two Importexport operation essay.

Importexport operation essay

Your paper should be between pages, not including a reference page. Include appropriate citations and references in APA format. The paper does not need an abstract and should be double-spaced, font size 12, and should include at least three valid sources.

International marketing involves the export, joint venture, franchising or a full direct entry of a marketing organization into another foreign country businesscasestudies. NTG has achieved international marketing through a joint venture with another firm in its target country, Brazil.

NTG, an exporting company by purpose, has for some time been in a joint venture with a Brazilian firm to which it exports its product in readiness for transport to a distribution firm located in the same country.

However, NTG has recently made a resolution to relocate its business in Brazil instead of exporting therefore achieving a full direct entry into the foreign country, Brazil.

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This would mean that the joint venture would be terminated. For NTG to establish or relocate its firm to Brazil there are certain sure advantages that the firm will encounter. By the firm relocating, it is now in direct contact with its distributor.

This means that there will be quick information with regard to feedback about the product from the distributor. This would ensure that the firm is able to change its products to suit the target market with the aim of ensuring maximum profits. In addition, NTG will be in a better position to protect its trademark, patents, and other of its tangible property.

This is a result of the company being in close geographical location with its chief distributor who personally handles its product. Better and increased sales are also associated with NTG establishing its firm in Brazil. This due to the fact that time that would otherwise be wasted by the product travelling from the USA to Brazil would now be used in producing the product.

Thus increased time of production means increased number of products and ultimately increased sales importexport. However, NTG establishing its firm in Brazil would also come up with a variety of disadvantages. As a starter, the company will have to accrue costs in trying to start up the firm in Brazil.

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Setting up a firm overseas is an expensive venture smallbusiness. In addition, there are higher risks involved in setting up the firm in Brazil compared with operating in the USA.

Operating in foreign countries requires a company to do a collective market research in terms of values, attitudes, beliefs, and such factors that may hinder the business. These factors thus make starting up the firm in Brazil quite risky.

In addition, depending on the country a company decides to start operation in, there are certain information required that may seem too much for the firm. This information is required as per the federal demands. Another disadvantage with setting up the firm in Brazil is that it will take up a lot of time for the firm to establish a relationship with the relevant customers and suppliers in that specific location.

This would eat up the valuable time that would instead be used in production. Yet another disadvantage is with regard to finding the right employees to work in the firm.

Flying in employees is a bit expensive thus the firm management chooses to employ locals in Brazil.Business Plan for Import Export Company This business plan details the launch of a start-up company known as the Import Export Company (IEC).

The company functions as a ‘middleman’ in purchasing housewares from manufacturers in China and reselling the . The business model for an import/export business is based on two critical elements within the international sales operation.

Volume (number of units sold). Commission on that volume. Here is your essay on Exporting! Exporting represents the least commitment on the part of the firm entering a foreign market. Exporting to a foreign market is a strategy many companies follow for atleast some of their markets.

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Importexport operation essay

Please ensure that you reference our essays correctly. Sustainability in operations of export and import of merchandise.

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Select a country, or city, or region or a business corporation or a business sector and prepare a report in word document, single space and font 12 Time New Roman of a least 4 pages (including graphics and references about.

The business model for an import/export business is based on two critical elements within the international sales operation. Volume (number of units sold). Commission on that volume.

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