Looking back and forward

Regardless, there is much to be thankful for including joyous family events, health and happiness. Since our inception in January ofwe have been read in all 50 states and in over countries.

Looking back and forward

Dolensky moved to Texas from his hometown of Atlanta in the spring of mainly for the opportunity to train alongside other top-level international skaters, but also work to with coaches Peter and Darlene Cain. Europe On Ice got the opportunity to interview him during the Lombardia Trophy on how his coaching change came about, what his goals are for the season and his plans for after his competitive career.

He would just work on some of the choreography that I already had, not new choreography, and every once in a while, we would have a lesson.

Then in the beginning of the spring, he started helping me with some of my quads with the pole harness. I really like his jump technique and I just really like working on jumps with him too, and with the pole harness.

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We work well together, and we have a really good relationship with one another and so I felt very strongly that I wanted him to be my main coach. I needed a change. When I first moved, I definitely needed to train with other skaters — where I was in my life, it felt like I needed that.

The way he thinks about things — it makes a lot of sense to me. I feel more comfortable now. He and his new team have found an effective way to attack those challenges. This makes each one really count. For example, I will only warm up one or two triple Axels before I do a programme run through.

It helps my confidence to know that even when I have limited chances to do a certain jump, I can still do it because I do it at home in practice.

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Dolensky shares his thought about the changes and his experience performing his shortened free. To me, personally, the long has not felt any shorter or easier — it still feels long, and it is still hard. We still have to fit everything else in, so it feels a bit tighter.

I think that it is definitely possible and so that is my goal for this year. After this season, I am not certain as far as whether or not I will continue competing. I am starting to get older and, at some point, I do want to move on with my life.

He talks about the skaters who inspired him throughout his career. They are the ones who have inspired me the most. I love their skating and I love both of their personalities.

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I love the way they skate, and I try to emulate that with my skating as much as I can. I want to skate like that. It was really fun competing with him for so many years. He inspired me, and I inspired him in his music choice.

Looking back and forward

We keep in contact and we text sometimes. I posted pictures of us from Broadmoor, before and after. He has studied music since he was in elementary school and plays the piano and the violin. In the and seasons, he skated to music he composed himself.


He has also contributed music to the Young Artists Showcase competition, which is a competition providing opportunity to young choreographers, in Katie Stewart and Mauro Bruni also choreographed programmes to some of his compositions.

When thinking about his long-term goals after his competitive career, he sees himself pursuing a career in something related to music. I think it would be really cool to study music education and then become a music teacher in a school or some type of setting like that.

Music is such a big thing for me. I would love to work with a school orchestra because I was in an orchestra in high school and I loved that whole experience.

I think it would be really fun to be a high school or middle school orchestra teacher. Someone would have to be interested in order for me to do it though, but if they were then I would love to try composing for someone else.

It would be really cool to see another skater skating to my own music. He is a devoted member of the church and often volunteers in church activities.Slingbox makes it simple to access your live and recorded shows, movies and sports.

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