Pest analysis of creche

You must keep abreast of ever-shifting school standards and restrictions, such as the fact that teaching religion in your daycare automatically excludes you from receiving government funds.

Pest analysis of creche

A complete service offering of child care and learning development for toddlers age three to five.

Situation Analysis

The facility is centrally located and is open from 6 a. The pricing is reasonable relative to the services offered. Market Trends The market trend in child care is an increased utilization of child care by parents. While this trend fuels the need for more general child care facilities, it also generates demand for facilities that offer child development.

As the parents are spending less and less time with the children, they have less time to help them develop. The trend is moving demand away from solely babysitting child care to child development care.

This growth can be primarily attributed to parents going back to work, creating two income households. These parents need a service provider to care for their children, and more parents are turning to child care services as opposed to a babysitter or live in nanny.

Strengths A sophisticated and effective learning system. Excellent training programs that all employees must participate in.


Weaknesses A lack of visibility due to the newness of the operations. The ability to attract and keep well trained employees. The inability to perfectly forecast demand of services relative to the number of employees on staff at any one time. Opportunities A growing market with a large percentage of target customers not yet aware of The Toddler Warehouse.

Increased revenue as more and more people are working, thereby unable to care for their children during the day. As the number of children served grows, fixed costs are spread thinner over a larger customer base. Threats Competition from already established facilities that improve their service offerings to be more competitive to The Toddler Warehouse.

Unfounded "public scares" regarding child care. Legal liability issues, either one large suit against The Toddler Warehouse, or significant increases in premiums due to changes within the operating environment of the industry.

Competition There are many different competitors in the child care space. The direct competitors are: Established, often franchised, child care centers.

These are typically larger facilities that offer care to a wide range of ages. The number of children serviced is usually quite large. The child care is adequate, although somewhat impersonal by virtue of its large size.

Pest analysis of creche

Small, home-based child care. These competitors are people that have a child care facility based out of their house. The quality of these ranges considerably, some are great, some are sub par. These are typically independently owned facilities.

Some will handle a wide range of ages, others will specialize with a specific age group. The two income families have children, yet both parents work.

This is no baby sitter facility. The children are engaged throughout the day, learning new skills and reinforcing already acquired ones. Keys to Success Immaculate care of the children. Its critical issues are to continue to take a modest fiscal approach; expand a reasonable rate, not for the sake of expansion in itself, but because it is economically wise to; and continue to build brand awareness which will drive new customers.Mar 13,  · The Pest analysis stands for: Political Economic Societal Technological.

Political. There are not so many political factors that can affect the market of day care hubs. This may affect because past few decades political situation in Bangladesh has been going through a lot of problems.

The government is not even selected now. PESTLE Analysis for Schools or Education 27/10/ by Mike Morrison 6 Comments A PESTLE analysis is a tool that can provide prompts to the governors, management and staff involved in the analysis of the changes in the school’s environment that could impact future finance, planning and management decisions.

The Anatomy of SWOT Analysis

Day care marketing plan Uploaded by Palo Alto Software This is a complete marketing plan example for a day care business, including marketing vision and strategy, product positioning, sales forecast, expense budgets, metrics for success, and mor 5/5(13). A PESTLE analysis, sometimes referred to as a PEST Analysis, is a useful tool for understanding the industry situation as a whole, and is often used in conjunction with a SWOT analysis to assess the situation of an individual business.

Pest analysis of creche

A SWOT analysis is a simple, but powerful process through which you can identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and, perhaps crucially, any potential threats you may be facing. The Pest analysis stands for: Ø Political Ø Economic Ø Social Ø Technological Political-There are many political factors that can affect the market of a day nurseries.

This is because external factors such as war or terrorist attacks can cause paranoia amongst the public and they can.

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