Quoting the bible in research papers

This could not simply be the death of mankind, since there is no specific limiting qualifier appearing in the verse to limit death to mankind only. Furthermore, if there were such a qualifier, then the verse would deteriorate into redundancy and become nonsensical as follows:

Quoting the bible in research papers

Acknowledgements What is wrong with antievolutionist arguments via quotations? Any competent biologist is aware of a multitude of problems yet unresolved and of questions yet unanswered.

Quoting the bible in research papers

After all, biologic research shows no sign of approaching completion; quite the opposite is true. Disagreements and clashes of opinion are rife among biologists, as they should be in Quoting the bible in research papers living and growing science.

Antievolutionists mistake, or pretend to mistake, these disagreements as indications of dubiousness of the entire doctrine of evolution. Their favorite sport is stringing together quotations, carefully and sometimes expertly taken out of context, to show that nothing is really established or agreed upon among evolutionists.

Some of my colleagues and myself have been amused and amazed to read ourselves quoted in a way showing that we are really antievolutionists under the skin.

For many people the use of quote after quote makes a very persuasive argument. However, the antievolutionist use of quotes is invalid and does not in any way provide evidence for creationism or against evolution. The reasons for this fall into several major categories: The fallacy of the argument from authority When someone -- no matter what kinds of degrees, qualifications, prestige, or honors he has -- is quoted to support a proposition, it does not imply that the proposition is true.

To imply otherwise is a common fallacy called the "argument from authority. A scientific argument is not like an elementary school book that says "authoritatively" that Albany is the capital of New York, nor is it a high school or college textbook that functions to summarize current theory and practice of a field.

The works of antievolutionists are not merely trying to summarize existing mainstream scientific knowledge, but are rather trying to argue that large parts of it are completely wrong.

The young-earth creationists in particular are arguing that most of mainstream science is wrong. A few of them propose that is it very close to all being wrongincluding most of physics and chemistry.

Can one really accomplish a complete overturning of mainstream scientific thinking and establish creationism as scientific knowledge with a list of quotes?

Some evolution deniers will undoubtedly state that the overwhelming support of evolution by qualified scientists does not by itself prove evolution.

A Short Explanation and Example of Using Long Quotes

They are correct in saying this. Most scientists do not just assert that evolution is correct, but rather provide overwhelming evidence from many fields. If antievolutionists want to say that they are opposed to the "argument from authority," they cannot reject its use for evolution while simultaneously using it to make their own points.

For example, if a paleontologist argues that something is a transitional fossil and points to various features of the fossil as evidence, then merely quoting some other authority saying it is not transitional is not an adequate response.

The evolution denier must point to specific evidence to argue that it is not transitional. Sometimes there is need of some sort of authority. There is nothing wrong with going to appropriate experts when the need arises. Furthermore, one cannot ignore the evidence and lines of reasoning of authorities with different views.

In science it is the evidence, and not who says it, that should count.

An Example of Using Short Quotes

If quotes are to be used at all, they should used in an argument and not as an argument. Real scientific argumentation only rarely involves the use of quotes as anyone who has ever looked at scientific papers or publications knows.

When an argument is based on evidence there is little need for frequent quotations. Citations and references in technical papers tend to be for things like where data came from, where an idea was proposed, where methodology was described, where a line of argumentation was made, where a fossil was formally described, and other things along those lines.

If the reader doubts that papers only rarely use quotes or wants to see for themselves how how scientists use the work of other scientists there is a simple solution.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America PNAS is one of the top scientific journals in the world covering virtually the entire breadth of scientific inquiry today. PNAS has its entire contents from to available online for free without any need of registration with later issues becoming free after six months.

See the contents of the January 2, issue. The scientific papers begin after the commentaries and perspectives. The issue was chosen because it is, at the time that this paragraph was being written, the "free sample issue" linked from the home page, lest anyone think that the issue was hand-picked for this article.

You can examine other issues by clicking the arrows by "other issues. This kind of Madison Avenue tactic is not a legitimate means of establishing the nature of reality.Quoting the bible in a research paper November 21, Bourne identity fight scene analysis essays mba dissertation projects ligtas na bayan maunlad na pamayanan essay short essay about friendship words every college, purpose of library research paper what motivates you at work essays.

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GENESIS CHAPTER ONE [Gen NASB]: I) GOD IS SOLE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.". The Historical Background. Jehovah Witness doctrine was founded by Charles Taze Russell. He was only 18 years old when he began a Bible study that focused on the second coming of Jesus, as well as the chronology of the Bible.

There is more evidence for the Bible’s authenticity than for any literature of antiquity. Textual analysis begins with historical investigation, beginning with the latest documents and working backward. GENESIS CHAPTER ONE [Gen NASB]: I) GOD IS SOLE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.". News, Exclusive Analysis, and Hundreds of Research Papers Relating to the Original Christian Church for Those That Believe the Bible.

Resources for Study on the King James Bible. Which Bible? by David Otis lausannecongress2018.com those wanting to really study more, this book is a collection of articles written by or about the giants in Bible translation.

The bible is written in a symbolic, cryptic & numerical code. This is the Christian Bible Code of both testaments!

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