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Participants shout slogans and display placards during a rally to 'stand up for women's health' at the National Mall in Washington, DC, on April 7, In a state Senate vote, North Carolina lawmakers overrode Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue's veto of the bill, a two-year budget that cuts taxes, reduces environmental oversight power, and slashes funding for a number of educational and medical programs, including Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides a number services, including family planning, reproductive health care, sex education, testing and treatment, screening for cervical and other cancers, and abortions. According to a report by Politifactabortions make up just under three percent of the procedures Planned Parenthood provided inthe most recent year for which statistics are available.

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Donate The term archaeology is derived from the Greek words archaios "ancient" and logos "knowledge, discourse" and was already used in ancient Greek literature in reference to "the study of ancient times. Prehistory refers to that part of human existence that preceded the development Report ppnc writing.

To understand what happened in prehistoric periods, the archaeologist is obliged to rely much more on the interpretation of physical remains such as flint tools and cultic objects, habitations and burials, the assessment of the chronological sequencing of remains at sites, while also using an array of scientific techniques to gather information about climatic and environmental changes occurring in the past.

Archaeologists dealing with the historic periods, however, are able to rely on a greater variety of artifacts and architectural remains, on the one hand, and on the discovery of written materials notably inscriptions on durable materials, such as stone or clay tablets, and on ceramic ostraka, and to a lesser extent on organic materials, such as scrolls and papyri made of leather skins and parchment on the other.

Archaeological data recovered during excavations are often supplemented with information derived from ancient literary sources such as theological, narrative, or historical writings.

Archaeology has Report ppnc important role Report ppnc illuminating the cultures of certain peoples referred to for example in the Bible, such as the Hyksos and Philistines who were not at all boorish as one might think. This is also true of neighboring civilizations such as those of the Egyptians, Sumerians, and Hittites — without archaeology our understanding of these cultures would be very limited.

Numerous "historical truths" based on literary sources have had to be re-assessed in the light of irrefutable archaeological finds, for instance the Israelite "conquest" of the Promised Land as recounted in the Bible see below.

Archaeology has much to contribute to the contextual clarification of the later classical and medieval periods as well, and a wealth of data now exists in textbooks and scientific publications.

The cut-off period for archaeological investigations in Israel used to be the late medieval period c. Methods and Approaches The modern archaeologist uses a variety of methods in gathering information about the ancient past, but surveys surface explorations and excavations methodical digging operations are two primary methods of recovering data.

In the midth century a shift occurred in terms of the methods used by scholars for understanding the history of the Syria-Palestine region and for the elucidation of biblical writings in particular.

Prior to this the field of biblical interpretation was dominated by the writings provided by Jewish travelers and Christian pilgrims, in which uneven accounts of their observations of antiquities in the southern Levant were provided.

Much of this information was collated while traveling the country along predetermined routes, under the supervision of local guides, and with the purpose of visiting sites that were primarily of biblical interest. The culmination of all this was the detailed work made by Robinson and Van de Velde, among others.

Robinson, in particular, crisscrossed the country in and and his work ultimately led to the development of the systematic study of place names topynoms which was crucial for the identification of places mentioned in the Bible.

The SWP provided for the first time detailed topographical maps of the country to a scale of one inch to the mile, as well as a number of volumes of memoirs in which were described the sites and landscapes they encountered.

See inset for area south of Dead Sea. Subsequently, the Survey of Eastern Palestine was made in —82 and then discontinued, the Arabah Survey in —84, surveys east of the Jordan by G. Schumacher in —86, and the Wilderness of Zin survey under T. An important survey of ancient synagogues in Galilee was undertaken in —7 by H.

Watzinger, and their book is still a basic textbook for the plans of ancient synagogues in the Holy Land. Until World War IIsurveys conducted in Palestine were fairly basic in terms of the field methodologies and the means of dating that were employed. A "Schedule of Historical Maps and Sites" was prepared and updated by the Palestine Department of Antiquities at regular intervals from the s.

A new Archaeological Survey of Palestine was initiated inbut very little progress was made. Since the s Regional Archaeological Surveys have been conducted in various parts of Israel, with excavated tell sites placed within the context of the pattern of archaeological sites known in their specific regions.

Site Catchment Analysis or Site Territory Analysis has been particularly useful for the study of the morphological environments of prehistoric sites, particularly in desert areas, and in recent years Landscape Archaeology has come to the fore especially in regard to the investigation of historical landscapes with rural and industrial remains.

Historic Mediterranean type landscapes in the southern Levant tend to be regarded by archaeologists as places characterized by an assemblage of features pertaining to a variety of extramural human activities, such as agricultural pursuits terraces and field systems and industrial work stone quarrying and lime and charcoal burningall of which, of course, necessitated the establishment of a system of communications roads and paths so as to form links between farms and villages, and towns and markets.

An in-depth study of such remains during a project of Landscape Archaeology can lead to a chronological and contextual understanding of ancient communities and how they adapted themselves to the specific environments they inhabited.

The underlying assumption behind this kind of approach, however, is that communities will interact with each other and with the ecology of their environments, in a sensible, harmonious, and stable fashion.

Some landscape features, however, reflect their adaptation as a physical means of advancing ideologies and strengthening power struggles and territorial conflicts.

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Please Describe Your Issue. The term archaeology is derived from the Greek words archaios ("ancient") and logos The preparation of the final archaeological report on the results of an excavation involves much work and time, but ultimately it is the most important part of the exercise.

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