The same sex marriage debate essay

Same-sex marriage in Australia Australian law allows the recognition of same-sex relationships in a multitude of forms, depending on the couple's wishes.

The same sex marriage debate essay

Society has become accustom to what they believe is "normal" by their traditions and religious beliefs. Many people believe that same-sex marriage is not "normal".

The same sex marriage debate essay

The simple fact is that banning same-sex marriage is discrimination. Marriage is a gateway to many other areas of protections, responsibilities and benefits.

These areas include health care, tax, immigration, and parenting benefits. However, these benefits are not provided to all couples in love.

Gay and lesbian relationships have become more widespread in America, and for many, a major fight for the right to have recognized marriages and to receive the same benefits as other married couples.


HISTORY During the 's and 's the rights of gay people were vigorously pressed by the homophile movement, particularly the Mattachine Society mainly gay men and the Daughters of Bilitis lesbians. These groups, however, did not stress marriage. As lesbian, gay men, and bisexuals became more open about their sexuality, more long-term same-sex relationships than ever before in human history were established.

The partners in such unions overwhelmingly considered themselves committed, and many considered themselves "married". Presently, there is strong evidence demonstrating the existence of same-sex unions, including legally recognized marriges in Native American, African, and Asian cultures.

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So far, only two countries - Belgium and the Netherlands have given full legal status to same-sex unions, though Canada has backed the idea in principle and others have conferred almost. When America prides itself on always being on the cutting edge of technology, why would we be the last country in favor of basic human rights?

The controversy over gay marriage has inspired a great deal of debate about how much power the government should have in marriage issues. Many arguments focus on whether judges or legislators should have the authority to define marriage.

The second debate concerns the balance of power between federal and state interests. Some believe that the federal government should impose uniform marriage laws across the nation. Others argue that states should be able to determine their own laws to regulate marriage within their boundaries.

Finally, the third debate is over the historic separation of church and state. Since marriage can be viewed as both a religious institution and a civil procedure, people disagree about whether religious organizations or the government should be entitled to delimit and regulate marriage. Other arguments that contend that overall society will be damaged by allowing homosexual marriages are that an increased burden will be placedThe same argument once made in support of no-fault divorce, “This will not affect good marriages and healthy families,” is now being made in support of gay marriage.

Yet we have no credible evidence to prove that altering our marriage laws again will be any less .

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Essay about The Same Sex Marriage Debate - The Same Sex Marriage Debate The controversial debate over whether same sex marriage should be legalized has gained a lot of attention in recent years and there are strong arguments for each side of the issue.

Secret meeting of marriage vote. TWELVE months ago Aussies said yes to same-sex marriage. But without an urgent meeting things could have been very different.

- The Same Sex Marriage Debate The controversial debate over whether same sex marriage should be legalized has gained a lot of attention in recent years and there are strong arguments for .

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