Write a java desktop app

You can build first and then run. In this case we directly run the project in the process it will be built as other Java project. Select the StudentRecordApp project folder, right-click mouse and select Run menu. Here is the Real GUI.

Write a java desktop app

The controls or views defined in the XML file for use in the Android app are laid out or organized in a layout container. Android provides several layout containers: The default arrangement is RelativeLayout.

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The simplest is LinearLayout, which displays the controls linearly, one below the other. The default orientation of LinearLayout is vertical. The TextView control displays a text message on the screen in the specified font, size, and color.

The EditText control displays a blank textbox to accept data from the user. The Button control in most applications displays a button which, when clicked, initiates the desired action. The caption displayed on this Button control is "Click Me. These IDs will be used to identify and access the corresponding controls in the Java code file.

The last TextView control in Listing 2 displays a welcome message to the user. When laid out in a LinearLayout container, these controls would appear as shown in Figure 4. Android Virtual Devices are explained later in this article. Writing Java Code to Load the Layout File The controls defined in the activity layout file need to be loaded to display them on the screen.

In addition to loading the controls, we want to perform certain tasks such as associating events to controls, listening for events, and taking action when events occur.

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Listing 3 Code in WelcomeMsgActivity. Associating a click event with the Button control and listening for the occurrence of the click event statement 3. Accessing the TextView control from the activity layout file using its ID, response, and mapping it to the TextView object resp statement 4.

Creating a String, str, that contains a welcome message along with the user name entered in the EditText control statement 6. Displaying the string in str through the TextView object resp statement 7.

We can run the Android project on a physical device as well on a virtual device. Click the New button to create a new AVD. Fill in the dialog box as shown in Figure 5. Specify the name of the AVD. For this example, use the name PhoneAVD. Specify the device for which the application has to be tested.

For this example, select the device 5. Specify the target API level. Indicates the processor that we want to emulate on our device.


Select the ARM armeabi-v7a option. To use the physical keyboard on the computer along with the one displayed on the emulator screen, check the Hardware Keyboard Present checkbox.

Select the Display a Skin with Hardware Controls checkbox. The emulator will be displayed along with physical device buttons on the right side.

If a webcam is attached to your computer and you want to use it in your application, select webcam0 from the drop-down menu. Leave the default values here. Define the internal storage of the device.I am new to Java and want to create a Desktop application in Java.

This application Reads and Writes different files. Would someone please recomend me, what do i need for that and should I purchase a book or something else.

Community. Please visit the lausannecongress2018.com community on lausannecongress2018.com for the latest news and information for developers of client applications.. JavaDesktop Forums on lausannecongress2018.com: This is our prime spot for discussing all things desktop.

write a java desktop app

It mixes Q&A with advanced developer discussions, such as the direction and future of Java on the desktop. The demise of the desktop apps has long been predicted in favor of browser-based models.

But with services such as Slack, Sunrise and Quip all going desktop, can we stop writing the eulogies for.

Native isn’t going anywhere (yet)

The Windows Desktop Application Program makes it easy to get analytics data for your applications. It offers a powerful XAML UI model with the Fluent Design System and a protected run time environment with app containers.

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