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Writing answers

Copywriters have a way with words. While everyone took a writing class in school, not everyone can or wants to write web copy that actually sells products and services. In fact, most business people just hate doing it.

I hated the English classes I had to take and every paper I had to write. Many of my marketing colleagues have made comments like this: It takes me forever.

Copywriters are pros at condensing reams of information into a singular great headline. They delight in the challenge of embedding keywords into smart, benefit-driven paragraphs.

They are experienced in writing clear, relevant and compelling content. Copywriters do their homework. Only from this effort can they turn in their best work, the process of which is covered in the next point.

Copywriters excel in the art of persuasion. But once again, having a way with words comes into play. Writing answers use strong headlines, benefit-oriented language and embedded keywords to resonate with and persuade the intended audience to take that all-important action: Copywriters know how to choose the right words at the right time.

When you love words, you want to use the right ones at the right time to communicate in the most effective way possible. Likewise, if your business offers products of a serious nature, flowery language will no doubt wilt the audience.

Why take that risk? Copywriters know how to collaborate with web designers for what seems like magical results. When your designers have to work with uninspired, lousy copy, you generally get an uninspired, lousy website. Give your web designer a professional web copywriter who has a clear understanding of SEO and big ideas that sell, and the result will be the kind of magic that not only delights and engages, but also creates a higher ROI for your business.

Copywriters are creative people who can bring new thinking to your project and make it better. The hallmarks of an effective copywriter are intense curiosity, mental flexibility, thinking outside the box, a sense of humor, salesmanship and creative problem solving.

Copywriters know how to spell words correctly. Okay, this might seem like an obvious thing. But typos can turn off readers about as fast as an error message.

Everyone can make a mistake, but built-in to any good copywriter are excellent proofreading skills. It comes from a lifelong love and study of the way words look and flow on a page. So spotting typos is like a reflex that benefits you. In summary, web copywriting demands more than being forced to do it or having a surface facility in writing.

The way to get great web copy is to hire a professional copywriter who has a way with words, does the homework, excels in the art of persuasion, uses the right words at the right time, can collaborate easily with designers, offers creative thinking and knows how to spell words correctly.

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Do not write below this line OFFICIAL USE ONLY Candidate Number: Candidate Number. Writing Answers is a freelance copywriting, content and SEO writing service company founded by Ann Jarvie and located in the Phoenix, AZ area to provide creative solutions for business.

Services typically fall into the following three categories: · Copywriting/Creative Direction – Copywriting is the writing of the words and the development of creative concepts in marketing communications.

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writing answers

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